Frequently Asked Questions


I do not have a good photo to submit what are my options?

We have a team of photo enchantment specialist that make almost any photograph usable. Contact us and we will talk you through the process.


Do you need a color or black/white photograph?

We can reproduce color or black/white photographs


How long does it take to receive my Memorial Image?

Average production time is 2-3 weeks


Am I able to talk to someone about my Memorial Image?

Yes, absolutely we are available Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5pm to answer and questions.


What is the Memorial Photo made of?

Our portraits are made from three different substrates: granite (1cm thick), aluminum (3mm thick), and glass (3mm thick), your choice.


Do you use an actual printed photograph or a photo copy in the Memorial Photo?

No.  We have developed a method that allows us to actually print in full color, directly on the substrate! No paper, no transfers, just a clean direct print.  Our chemists have created a special proprietary solution that enhances the process and protects the product.  All we need is an electronic file of the picture you want to use.


Do you sell direct to the consumer?

No.  Our products are only available through our authorized dealers.  Only Industry sales are allowed.


How do I order?

You can order through our Robust yet simple on-line ordering process.  Log in with your dealer code, upload the image, select your preferences, and submit.  It’s that simple!  We can also accept orders via email if necessary.


Do you have a warranty program?

Yes we do!  We have a full lifetime 100% warranty replacement program, as well as a competitor’s replacement opportunity.  See our warranty page for more details.


How should the product be mounted?

We provide a high bond VHB tape that is used in many major industrial outdoor applications.  This is the standard method for DYI installations.  Dealers are always welcomed to use alternative methods such as high bond silicone or epoxy.



Can you enhance the provided image?

Yes we can enhance your photo.  Of course with higher resolution images, fewer modifications will be necessary.


Can I change the background of my photo?

Yes, we can replace the background with any of the options pictured on our site.  We can even use custom backgrounds if that is your preference.


How do I clean my Memorial Photo once it is installed?

You can clean your Memorial Photo with a clean sponge, dish soap and water.  Also, some dealers and families will wax the Memorial Photo with car wax to slow the progression of build up from rain and other elements.  Any type of window cleaning solution can be used on our glass products.


Do you keep my image on file?

Yes, we archive your image electronically in case we need to do a warranty replacement.  We can duplicate your Memorial Photo without you having to re-send a photo.


Can you change the color of my photo from color to black and white?

Yes we can change photos from color to black and white.